TONDO Oak Vape stand for your liquids

TONDO, Oak– Wood vape stand, ideal for any table or desk, ooak.

OOak Oak wood

Tondo Oak Vape Stand


In TONDO you can save up to 5 prepared liquids for your electronic cigarette with 5 flavors or different gradations. The dark color of the bottles helps rescue liquid from sunlight.

After the sanding phase, it is finished with three coats of shellac progressively diluted and beeswax. This type of finish takes a long time, but we have chosen for the use of materials as natural as possible and the sweetness of the final effect combined with good protection from liquids.

detail  - vape holder

Tondo – detail


Dimensions: ø 12,5 x 5 cm
It has 5 holes, ø 3.5 cm for glass bottles

N.5 dark glass bottles 30 ml. with dropper included.

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