QUEDER 7B – The square e-cigarette holder

malafola - QUEDER 7B willow wood

malafola – QUEDER 7B willow wood

For my desk I wanted a storage elegant and simple but that could contain e v e r y t h i n g I need: my Provari, batteries, liquid. Here is QUEDER, version 7B, which contains up to 4 batteries

QUEDER 7B – All round e-cigarette station with a square base made of willow wood, the ideal for any table or desk.
After the sanding phase it is finished with three coats of progressively diluted shellac and then with beeswax.
Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 3.5 cm approx
It has 7 holes, as follows:
n. 1 hole ø 3.5 cm for glass bottle
n. 2 holes ø 2,4 cm for BB
n. 4 holes ø 2 cm battery
N.1 dark glass bottle 30 ml. with dropper included.

QUEDER 7B will be soon available at malafola shop in Etsy

malafola - QUEDER 7B whit glass bottle

malafola – QUEDER 7B whit glass bottle

malafola - QUEDER 7B

malafola – QUEDER 7B


          • Hi Tune,
            We are pleased that the container has arrived and you enjoyed it. Of course, we’ll keep track of your helpful advice. Having failed publishing your interesting review on Etsy, we publish it below

            < START REVIEW >

            I am very pleased with my new Queder 7B. I was looking for an elegant and functional way of storing my vape gear, and when I found the Queder 7B, I knew that I just had to have it. Beautiful wood, excellent workmanship and fits my Provari Mini, batteries and spare clearomizer.

            To make it even better I drilled a 5 mm deep 7 mm hole in one of the 2,4 cm holes to fit the clearomizer’s 510 connector. Perhaps a suggestion for future versions?

            The supplied glass bottle is a nice touch, but the dropper is not very good. It sucks up only a tiny amount of juice, and the tip should be far more pointy to make it easier to fill the clearomizer. I will try to find a replacement dropper.

            All in all an excellent vape stand that I heartly recommend.

            < END REVIEW >

  1. Very interesting the board to make a small hole in order to better accommodate the tank.

    With regard then to the hole made​​, we recommends anyone to protect the wood with oil, wax or stain because a possible loss of liquid from the tank may cause swelling of the wood.

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