Pics of malafola’s items from the world

Here, some pics that some our satisfied (and very gentle) clients send us of their mods into vape stand and  leather cases made  by malafola!

e-cig holder

Queder 7b – walnut vape stand from Danemark

By Danish own words: “… Beautiful wood, excellent workmanship and fits my Provari Mini, batteries and spare clearomizer…”

vegetable tanned cowhide leather

Querto e-cig leather case from India

A nice sequence of inserting an Innokin iTaste SVD attached to Aspire Nautilus in our cusomized leather case


Someone promised to send us photos…we still wait for them!

If you have a malafola item, send us pics of your mod whit our stand/case: it we’ll be great to make a collection from all over the world 🙂


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