Quit smoking. My experience | Episode 2

Ah, well, now comes the funny part of the history.
I began to write by pen on every package: Last cigarette pack
I’ll have collected 30 Last cigarette pack in less than a month, without stopping.
I changed the strategy: I start to roll tobacco, so I’ll smoke less, I thought.
In a short time I become so capable and fast that I make myself even while I’m driving, I hold the steering wheel with my knee and with my hands I roll the cigarette.
I went back quota 20 butts a day.

wrappers of papers and tobacco

collection of wrappers of papers and tobacco

One day by chance at the small bar in the park I find her, a disposable e-cig those that resemble traditional cigarettes in the colors, it is my first e-cig.
I was hesitant to try but it’s love at first sight. I understand now that with it I could quit.
Steam, shot in the throat, gestuare, flavor … I could not believe that would give me as satisfaction as the traditional one.
Later, there were many other e-cig: e-cigarettes shaped as traditional cigarettes, classic e-cigarettes like the Ego, my friend Big Battery Provari.
I refined the technique. I tried cartomizers, phantom tank, dripping, mesh …

collection of disposable e-cigarettes

collection of disposable e-cigarettes

It is not just that I quit smoking, in fact now I vape.
But for me it was a liberation from ‘analog cigarette’, although now I’m very fond of my dispenser of nicotine.
Nicotine is the real culprit that feeds the habit.
Now I have my liquids, I do my magic potions. Great taste, keep an eye on the amount of nicotine, slowly’ll make it go down, even if it takes time.
However, the electronic cigarette, life has changed me a little. Benefits are real.
I breath better.
Elisa no longer complains about the smell of smoke.
And I do not go out at night just to get hold of my cigarettes-drug.

collection of cartomizers, phantoms, tanks, dripping atomizers...

collection of cartomizers, phantoms, tanks, dripping atomizers…

Savings. Well, yes, saving and really very, given the amount that I had reached.
I breathe better and all that stuff do not I inhale most of the combustion, at least that.
The electronic cigarette will not be the final solution, but being careful when choosing liquids and componentsI think do less harm than the one with the tobacco.
I am always with my ears wide open on studies, hoping that they are not manipulated ..
Because there are so many interests and strong tobacco companies want to continue to earn ..
I’m vaping by now. I think I made ​​a gift to my health and I want to share my experience hoping it will be useful for someone else.

e-cigarettes on bedside table

My e-cigarettes on bedside table

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Stop smoking is a long path.
How you are facing?
With or without electronic cigarette?
Do you want to share your experience?

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