Quit smoking. My experience | Episode 1

Why we approached the world of e-cigarette?
Why put ourselves to manufacture useful items for e-smokers?
In addition to not as obvious goal of making beautiful objects and being able to offer them to you, the other reason is the fateful quit smoking.

Quit smoking - cute composition

Cute composition about smoke by Elisa

Quit smoking, blessing (more cross) of millions of people who approached himself to the cigarette when he was a child,
because he wanted to be big,
because the movie was so cool,
because you was stressed out,
because the others were doing,
because boh …
And then … after a while you can no longer to quit. No longer able to live without it.
It’s a must after the first coffee, after lunch, after dinner, after the quarrel, after the game.
It’s what makes you go out at night in the fog because you ran out of cigarette butts, when would you be able to keep warm reading the newspaper.

Quit smoking - analog cigarette

healthy mountain air

I came to two packs a day to realize that it’s time to quit smoking.
Too many bad physical effects
Too much money given away to the state.
Too much money given away to the dentist.
Too much money donated to the tobacconist.
The beautician.
To the doctor.
The Pharmacist.
To multinational companies.
Too dirty.
Too much stinks.
Too much coughing.
Too little breathless.
Too many complaints of her partner.
Too bad my lungs.
Simply, I make a choice for my life: stop smoking.

Do I really quit?

Do I really quit?

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