Cinema – smoke – vape

Who can forget Audrey Hepburn with the stilysh mouthpiece in Breakfast at Tiffany’s ?
Or the legendary scene in which Sean Connery says, ” My name is Bond, James Bond ”
An  archetypal scene, character,  movie , a whole series of films, a way of being .
How would these same scenes without gestures, silences punctuated by cigarettes?
It would be different, probably the ugliest , most certainly healthy .

And what about James Dean, Marlene Dietrich, Clark Gable and many others, portraits with cigarette in hand or mouth? Because there has been a time when cooperation between studios – celebrities – tobacco manufactures was very strong.
In the collective, cigarette becomes a symbol of women’s emancipation .
And the man became stronger and more courageous , more autonomous , more male.

James Dean and Marlene Dietrich - portraits

James Dean and Marlene Dietrich – smoking portraits

There are characters that stand out because of the smoke.
As Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly or Humpfrey Bogart in the film Casablanca.
Movies whit an atmosphere so smoky, to stay smoky in your mind even if you who have not even seen the movie .

Clint Eastwood and Humpfrey Bogart on the set

Clint Eastwood and Humpfrey Bogart on the set

Can electronic cigarettes replace the analogue in this collective imagination so deeply rooted?
Meanwhile decreases the number of films in which the cigarette is present, and indeed, some of the characters that should be characterized by the use of the cigarette seem not credible. See how Ryan Rosling of  Blue Valentine or Like a thunder or Lavinia Longhi of  I giorni della vendemmia hold it in your mouth off, but in a manner so insistent as annoying.

Ryan Gosling and Lavinia Longhi smoking

Ryan Gosling and Lavinia Longhi smoking

We have seen some feeble attempt to introduce e-cig in the cinema  in The Tourist  – scene of the train with J. Depp

let’s face it, not so awesomeness, but the road is open …

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