Tutorial to sew a leather bag

Leather is a material truly versatile.
In addition to the e-cigarette cases, I ventured into sewing other objects.

BORSARA - tutorial to sew a bag

BORSARA on my working table

In this post I will show some steps for manufacturing a bag I made for my sister.
It will be a sort of tutorial to sew a bag, in which we will also see some errors.
However, each item in which one is engaged there is always more to learn and you understand the basic steps to be applied in future projects.

So here we are in BORSARA bag with flap.
You can decide measures and finishes according to your needs and taste.
The special feature of this bag is the choice to use the colored blue bands on background melange and in the absence of any metal elements.

BORSARA - tutorial for sewing bags

BORSARA into the sun

The first thing to do for every project is the cardboard model.
The elements that constitute it are:
– Front and rear
– Sides slightly flared
– Bottom
– Flap
For the lining I used the cardboard model of the bag.

Leather bag - cardboard model

Leather bag – cardboard model

How to do – Lining:

– Cut the various elements in fabric.
– Make the pocket fabric interior with leather outline with the help of double sided tape:
before I placed the board in leather on the lining, once sewn, I cut-out hole and attach the pocket from the inside.
– Attach the leather edges on lining
– Sew the sides and bottom of them and only then front and back.
* Note: pay attention to the choice of lining, the fabric I used was a bit too light

lining background

lining background

lining front whit leather edges for pocket

lining front – leather edges for pocket


How to do Leather:

– Sew the sides and bottom between them and the  elements of the shoulder strap
– At this point, sew the colored strips to the two quadrants
– Attach the loop closure at the front dial*
– Attach the dubbed leather flap at the rear quadrant**
* Note: position of the eyelet a bit ‘too low
** Note: any decorative elements should be applied to the flap before attaching the two sides, so then you will not see the seam from under

leather - tutorial sewing elements

leather – sewing elements

sewing leather -  loop closure

sewing leather – loop closure

Attach flap and rear quadrant

Attach flap and rear quadrant

attach blue strips before

** decorative elements must be applied to the flap before !


The end:

– Overturn the bag and place the lining inside.
– We must glue the leather edges of the lining to the upper boundary of the bag being careful to position elements correctly
– Sew the edges. Last finishing whit color for the raw cut edge and taaa-daaa. It’s finished!

attach lining to leather bag

attach lining to leather bag

malafola BORSARA - finished

malafola BORSARA – front


malafola BORSARA - back

malafola BORSARA – back

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