Tutorial to attach a magnet on leather bag

Magnet button

Magnet button

Tutorial to attach bag magnet – male

– The male magnet is placed on the flap before you glue together the top and bottom

1) From the model, mark with pencil on the bottom flap of the position of the magnet / male

erasable pencil

erasable pencil

2) Make the holes with cutter or beating with a rectangular tip like a screwdriver
3) Insert the magnet, close the flaps

magnet button - back

magnet button – back

magnet button - front

magnet button – front

4) To prevent the metal fins cutting through the skin with the passing of time, place the disc of nonwoven fabric adhesive


cutting nonwoven fabric

tutorial - nonwoven fabric


5) Now you can glue together the two sides of the flap

Tutorial to attach bag magnet – female

– Place the female part of the magnet on the face of the bag.

1 ) We suggest that you do so only after sewing them between various pieces of the bag – as each leather has its own rigidity and bends in a different way: then the correct position may be a few mm higher or less

2 ) To find the position, fill the bag whit paper, in order to simulate the shape

Paper into bag

paper into bag

3) Lay the flap with the correct curve and try to understand the position . If leather is soft enough , you will give the footprint of the male placed first, otherwise with erasable pencil and ruler and take the position

keep position

simulating position

4) Once you have found the place, as before, make the holes – insert the magnet – close the flaps

5 ) Given that the leather will stay here discovered , place a circle of leather

6) Draw the circle down on the leather as thinner as possible and then cut the circle

drawing leather circle

drawing leather circle

7) Put glue on both surfaces, wait for drying and pasting

glue and leather circle

glue and leather circle

8 ) Eliminate small smudges of glue with para

para to eliminate glue

para to eliminate glue

leather magnet - final result

leather magnet – final result


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