binoculars case

binoculars case – before and after

Binoculars history – the background

One of the things I like most to do is give back life to old objects or abandoned.
David and I have found at a flea market in Soliera these beautiful binoculars with an even more fascinating case cardboard. They belonged to the grandfather of the seller, they will be more or less of the ’80s.
We have not been able to resist the charms of the object, could not remain on the table. Also the lenses are very large and luninose.

restoring case - the strap

restoring case – plastic VS cotton + leather strap

Binoculars history – once back home…

Once back home, we realized that the plastic straps were very, very dry and practically unusable. In addition, the cardboard case was a little ruined on the edge (and you could see an ugly yellow cardboard) and a few pieces of plastic binoculars was peeling off. With glue and color we adjusted binoculars and the box.

strap detail - on the side

strap detail – on the side

Binoculars restore – here comes the fun

The best job, however, was redone from zero the shoulder strap, both of binoculars and case.
For the ‘restoration creative’, I used all the materials that I already had at home: black leather cowhide for details, a 5 cm strip of cotton for the shoulder strap and a little of  fantasy. Here is the result!

binoculars strap

binoculars strap – old plastic VS cowhide leather

If you like, I can also adjust your case and make a comfortable shoulder strap for your binoculars. Contact me, we can design something together just for you, ciao

case leather detail

case leather detail – side and bottom


restore  binoculars strap

restored binoculars strap – worn by me

binoculars and case restored staps

binoculars and case restored staps – final result

interior case - red fabric

the magic of the interior in red!

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