Malafola stuff – Restoring Military bag

Here is a project of one year ago… restoring an old military bag

By the emptying of a cellar, one day it arrives at our home this military bag: an authentic piece of history. I love that simple design and that tone of military green!

original military bag

Once upon a time…original military bag


It was a bit seedy and rather sloppy. Hence the idea to try to restore it, making it a bit nicer, changing some details (now destroyed, rusty and not very functional).
I decided to do everything with vegetable tanned leather with a contrasting color, but not too much – I opted for the brown, that still leaves that tone a little home-made.

Military bag - details

Military bag – details

Work on military bag have not been many:
– Fund stiffening completely redone in leather
– Redesign of the front closures using the buckles
– Leather renovation of the shoulder strap attachment points
– Logo on the front

My bag - final result

My bag – final result

I know … a job that amused me 😉

leather & fabric

Empty Malafola bag at Oasi di Bianello

lab moments

work in progress – sewing bag

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