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The series ‘other work in the back room’
Trying handwork never made and learning a lot of notions, thanks to Teacher Experience! Now we know what it means ‘restoring wardrobe’

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malafola wardrobe restoration

malafola wardrobe restoration – before/after

Last summer, a friend has entrusted this closet with a long history, it was  probably born to be furnishing a hospital many years ago and 5 years was resting in her cellar, waiting to be put back into circulation. Given the small value of the object, he did not want a philological restoration, but a refurbishment, just enough to make it usable. The only request – keep the color of natural wood. Once you transported home by uploading it over the car (shame we did the photo, but the style was a little ‘vacation-at-sea-in-500-years-50’), we realized the actual poor furniture and the work to be done: defects in the structure, restoring collisions, peeling of paint, filling holes, crooked doors, completely overhaul the shelves …

wooden wardrobe

wooden wardrobe – initial state

Here’s how it appeared at the beginning, in front and behind, and some details.

wardrobe details

wardrobe details: corner exterior, back middle, corner internal, foot

Because of water infiltration, the boards of the roof were all crooked; They were then removed completely and then straightened.
They were replaced all spinets wood missing.

wardrobe bottom

wardrobe bottom without top

wooden spine

changing wooden spine

Hinges and iron elements were clean all traces of rust with sandpaper.

iron lock

iron lock before/after

iron hinge

iron hinge – before/after

We wanted to take away all the layers of the painting back. The mission was made much longer than we thought and dusty. Seen that the back would remain leaning against a wall, we opted for the cleaning of the uprights and to paint of the white infills.

the back

the back – before/after

The style of shelves made ex novo with fir wood was taken from one of the legs.

new shelves

foot style for new shelves

The cracks were grouted in several occasions, with coats of plaster, sand paper, colored stucco, other sandpaper.

plaster & color

plaster & color

A work of particular importance was to straighten the wooden doors, which were all crooked on the three axes, with water and weights.

water to adjust doors

water to adjust doors

adjusting axial matching

adjusting axial matching

Once mounted doors did not fit, so it was necessary to further drawdowns.
We had to paint the shelves and repair areas with light color to give uniformity to the color.

color nuance

color nuance

After much (better not count how many!) Hours of work, the cabinet has finally come to the home of our friend.
Small problem: its entrance was simply a tetris of 15 steps, railings 2, 3 doors and two lintels. The cabinet just do not go!! After several expletives, we opt to return the next day armed with saws, clamps, glue and spinein iron. In summary, after trying to shorten the 4 feet, we realized that it was not enough. We have cut and then reassembled by inserting a metal pin. Oh well, you will see the sign.

reassembling the foot

do you remember those stairs? ;)

After some time, the cabinet got its final appearance with lots of smoky glass.

finished with smoky glasses

finally at home, with smoky glasses !

It ‘was really a great experience of the back room of malafola …

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