CUETO – leather smartphone sleeve

Why sew a smartphone sleeve?
In any supermarket you can find millions.
Now there are also temporary store dedicated primarily to the iphone.
The last  not-so-cheap-in-fabric case that Davide has bought, made the dots within two weeks.
One that  my friend Carlo took for only 4 Euros,  made of imitation leather has broken after only one month,
(I wonder where he finds it …)
Not only. I wanted to create one that would reflect malafola‘s spirit.


CUETO – front yellow

My final phone case is the result of lot of designs, experiments, mistakes.
Many friends have suffered these strange gifts for Christmas 😉
But it was a real satisfaction when Ilaria, seeing the final sleeve said “I WANT IT!”
Finally I think I’ve obtained a case with original design, comfortable, durable.
To keep it in hand, sides are not sharp – the feel wants his side.
On the hook, I think it is essential for optimal functionality … and to catch iphone on the right side inside a handbag!

CUETO malafola's smartphone sleeve

CUETO – green and yellow

Here is CUETO
Leather sleeve for smart phone handmade from Italian genuine leather.
Design original, unisex, comfortable, studied in detail, durable.
Exterior suitable in genuine leather, interior in soft black calf leather


CUETO – yellow back

You can find CUETO and many other items in our malafola shop

I can sew leather cases for any smart phone only tell me the exact dimensions of your mobile!

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