Handmade vape stand – The project – Episode 1

Vape stand – the project

It all started with a need. And the desire to have a beautiful object that satisfies it.
Here’s the thing: when I started vaping, my e-cigarettes undisturbed were standing on tables and desks and workbenches.

e-cigarettes on the desk

my e-cigarettes

I want my e-cigarettes always available in every room. I want to create a suitable e-cigarette holder.
And I want to do it by myself, following every phase of the work. But how it should be done?
I take the dimensions of my e-cigarettes, diameters, lengths, colors…
I think of the characteristics of the substrate, material, finish…variables are thousand…
Ideas come to life on sketchbook.

vape stand sketches

vape stand sketches

(click here for the Episode 0 and here for Episode 2)

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