Handmade vape stand – Choosing material – Episode 2

Vape stand  – The choice of material.

I decided, I realize it in wood.
I need a nice piece of wood, in stock there is nothing suitable.
I load Brisla in the car and we start, let’s go to what old Mr. sympathetic that has that nice warehouse behind his villa there, in the middle of the countryside in Rivalta.

Brisla out of the car

me and Brisla toward Rivalta

He always has something to offer me, every time he is able to impress me with his fragrant cuttings, a shot of plane and out of textures and nuances unbelievable.
But this time I want to pyrography my vape stand, I’m undecided …
I come home with a walnut, a cherry and a aboura of bahia tables.


wood wood or wood

(click here for Episode 1 and here for Episode 3)

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