Handmade vape stand – Birth of QUARELO – episode 0

Why an object is born?

I was thinking just yesterday, while I roamed through the stalls of the flea market.

flea market and vape stand

flea market into the fog

Because I realize that the objects that surround us or that have been the daily of people before us are so many and various
Because there was a time where that object came from the mind of someone who has thought  it served a purpose, has graced a home, has enhanced the lives of those who used it.

objects at flea market

objects at flea market

But what are the projects, actions, thoughts that give life to an accessory then?
What happens in the darkness of back of the factory?
Here, I would like to tell the story that accompanies a small object that we propose today.
I’ll talk about QUARELO, the small vape stand for e-cigarette

e-cig stand - QUARELO

e-cig stand QUARELO – the finished product

(click here for Episode 1)

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