Handmade vape stand – the finish – Episode 3

Vape stand – The choice of the finish

I’ll make a nice vape stand for my e-cigarettes that will stand inside my home sweet home.

project of my e-cig station

project of my e-cig station

I could do colored red like the lamp 60s or milk white as the wall system?
At the end I opt for a floral decoration at pyrography, delicate but not prissy, slightly oriental and natural wood color.

vape stand - work in progress

vape stand – work in progress

I will use shellac and beeswax.
Among other things, the wax is one of my own bees that I breed in the garden 🙂
Then, three coats of shellac dewaxed in decreasing concentration interspersed with coats of sandpaper.

wood holder - pyrography

wood holder – pyrography

Final pass of pure beeswax and you’re done. Natural materials, natural decoration.
Those layers give a sufficient water resistance to my little vape stand.
For maintenance, just one coat of wax.

vape stand - shellac

e-cigarette holder – shellac

(click here for Episode 2)

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