Handmade vape stand | Choosing the name – Episode 4

Handmade vape stand – The choice of name.

My little vape stand is ready, in two versions, the first one with 6 holes from 1.5 to store all batteries.
I thought the other one with only three holes to get a glass bottle full of liquid at hand. It seems a good idea.

wooden vape stand  | QUARELO

QUARELO | e-cig station 3 and 6 holes

As I place one on the bedside table and others around the house, my object looks comfortable.
Finally, it was born an object. So many thoughts and so much work behind, we feel it ours, we think of a name.
Our e-cig holder looks like a small brick, and this is a land of bricks, I decided to call it QUARELO, “brick”, in the dialect of my land.


QUARELO | wooden e-cig station

wall of little QUARELO bricks


QUARELO | the finished e-cig holder

QUARELO | the finished e-cig holder

(Click here for Episode 3 or for the beginning of the history)

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