Bike knobs – Cowhide leather

These days I’m thinking of doing some project dedicated to the bicycle. Bike has always been my preferred means of locomotion. It does not pollute, is agile, faster than feet, less than car, has the right rhythm to enjoy the landscape. Without speaking of the air in the face and the emotion to be carried on the tube by a nice guy …

Vintage bike Peugeot

Peugeot ’80 handlebar – old knobs

Here I am attaching some pictures of the first knobs in black cowhide leather vegetable tanned and waxed thread white for my white Peugeot 80s.

old plastic knob

old plastic knob

while stitching knob

handstitching knob – leather + waxed thread

handstitched knob

crosses handstitched knob

baseball stitching

another type of stitching

Soon I will make a bag for tools and maybe some nice large bag to be placed on the rack. See you soon!

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