Malafola pics from the world

As promised, here is a little gallery with the pics from the world of our Malafola’s items, that so gentle (and satisfied!) customers sent to us .

If you are one of them and you want to sand us some pics of your device with our leathervape cases or into wood vape stand, we’ll be simply glad to receive and post them in our blog! 😀

Here is, just to start:

FRANCE: COVERTA for Vaporshark rdna40 – Vape case in genuine cowhide leather, in Black veg tan leather, black stiching and customized with punched letters – initials AL

Black leather Vaporsark case

Vaporshark case From France


USA: Another COVERTA for Vaporshark rdna40 &  COVERTA – vape case for Eleaf iStick 30 W, the first in black leather + black stiching, the second in brown leather + white stitching. Customized punch words “WHORES LOVE ME” and “DADDY’S”

black + brown leather

from USA: vape cases for Vaporshar rdna 40 & for Eleaf iStick 30w


ITALY: QUERTO – Genuine leather e-cig caseto hang to your belt, here with customized size adjusted for a Joyetech Ego AIO, in Gray-green leather + black stitching

gray-green leather

From Italy, Vape case for Joyetech Ego AIO


USA: SGHETTA A-ONE – Vape case in Acid green leather + black leather

acid green leather

USA – Vape case with necklace


ITALY: and to finish, some little customized items for italian friends who support us and throw us into new challenges: an Acid green collar for little Pippi dog and a phone cell case for the Fairphone 2 for our “Vecchio Fanto”.

leather challenges

Italian friends: dog collar & phone case


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