COVERTA – Ipv mini case. Box battery e cig case

COVERTA - Ipv mini leather case

COVERTA – Ipv mini leather case by malafola

Today I present to you the last case born in the house malafola. It is COVERTA case in Tuscan leather, vegetable tanned, dedicated to the battery box Ipv mini 30 W.
Ever since the Ipv mini came into home, we realized how the finish of this battery box was particularly inclined to scratching and how the metal was annoying satin to the touch.

Ipv mini, on the other hand, proved to be an excellent battery box, considering the money factor.

box battery case - prototypes

box battery e cig case – prototypes

I then tried to make a leather case for this object that would satisfy me, in the true style malafola.
Hence some prototypes, in the first version, the case was composed of two large pieces of leather, one for the perimeter ‘external’ and one for the front and bottom. For this I was inspired by a project found on the net and I’ve added a little buckle with button.

final project

ipv mini case final project

I then tried to do the models with a loopto put on the belt, but I realized that in an object like this did not make sense.
The end point was to get to settle the case with a single large piece of leather with high quality finishes … then after 3, 4, 5 prototypes of study, was born our Covertà for IPV mini 30 W.
For me it is simply beautiful and the touch -feeling with battery box … well, it’s another thing! The leather in fact strictly bind it, makes it beautiful to the eye, the scent brings to the gentle hills of Tuscany and the feeling transmitted to the hand-skinned than the brushed metal … try it

Incredible touch feeling!

Incredible touch feeling!

COVERTA – Genuine leather box battery case for Ipv Mini 30 w. Great box battery e cig case

COVERTA is designed to coat in an elegant and functional way the Ipv Mini 30 W.

You can find COVERTA in our malafola Etsy shop

The feel of the leather case in hand changed immeasurably the touch-feeling with the device and once proven you can not really do without it.
Warmth, scent and a decided softness are the main features of this case in Tuscan leather, vegetable tanned.


COVERTA case – brown leather, red stitching

We use high quality materials to create functional objects that can stand the test of time.
Available in full grain vegetable tanned cowhide leather in three colors: black, brown, grey-green

bottom detail

ipv mini case, bottom detail

detail of the closing

detail of the closing

Customize COVERTA for your Ipv mini 30 w with stitching & edges color!

On request, I can add personalized writing with punch.
Our ecigarette cases are entirely handmade in Italy.


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